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Levels by Avicii Cover

2012-07-14 23:14:42 by SonOfFlynn

Check it out :D

New Song Uploaded!

2012-07-14 22:52:21 by SonOfFlynn

Reviews for my cover of levels would be awesome[: Thanks guys! Also rate it on youtube!

New Song Uploaded!

Check out my latest song cover "Levels" on youtube along with other music i made!

My latest and best, click here! :D

If you like TRON or Daft Punk, check my stuff out! Reviews are lovely[: But please be constructive. More songs coming soon!!!

If you like TRON or Daft Punk, check my stuff out!

Constructive criticism pleash :3

i always appreciate people voting on my music... buuuuut getting low stars and no critique isnt helping me. going from 5 to 3 stars in one day is rather worrying :L if you vote low please add why! thanks! and of course if you vote high knowing why is always nice too :3

if your into TRON or electric music please check out my stuff[: thanks! leave comments[: constructive criticism welcomed!

if you love tron, daft punk, or just techno, check out my TRON: Legacy sound track covers!



2012-05-10 23:54:22 by SonOfFlynn

I've noticed a few people downloaded my songs... Thanks for taking interest in them, but id reaaaaally like some feedback as well! thanks!